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Are You A Clear Spring? Your Seasonal Color Analysis

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This page explains the most common traits of a clear spring and will help you determine if you are a clear spring. Already know you’re a clear spring? Then visit your Clear / Pure Spring main page to get your clear spring color palette, color fan, and style guides.

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Clear Spring Seasonal Color Analysis: Warm and Clear Bright Eyes

If you have light skin and bright, clear eyes… you are a Clear Spring. This season is also known as BRIGHT Spring. Your overall coloring is BRIGHT and High Contrast… with clear eyes that literally pop. If you have clear bright eyes with darker hair, you may be mistaken for a clear winter… BUT your overall tones are warm making you a Clear Spring. You may even be able to wear some of the Clear Winter colors because of your clear bright eyes.

Bright Springs may also be confused with Light Summers. Light summer is a COOL palette… where as a Bright Spring is warm and bright with clear eyes. Everything about you is high contrast and vibrant. Even the whites of your eyes are clear WHITE.

Clear Spring Hair: Golden and Deep Blonde, Medium to Dark Golden Brown, Black Brown (rare), Dark Red

Clear Spring Eyes: Turquoise Blue, Green, Clear Topaz

The quality of a clear eye is special. You can see thin straight lines that radiate from the center. Plus the whites of the eye are clear white. The word “Dramatic” comes to mind…

I’ve provided several Clear Spring Celebrities below, so that you can see what a Clear Spring looks like… they all have bright, clear eyes. If you look like these photos… you’ve found your season!

Clear Spring Celebrities

The Clear Spring celebrities listed below are: Mila Kunis, Jenny McCarthy, Tara Reid, Julianne Hough, Emilie de Ravin, Brittany Snow, Heather Graham

Mila Kunis - Clear Spring

Mila Kunis – Clear Spring


Tara Reid – Clear Spring

Julianne Hough - Clear Spring

Julianne Hough – Clear Spring


Emilie de Ravin – Clear Spring


Brittany Snow – Clear Spring

Brittany Snow - Clear Spring

Brittany Snow – Clear Spring


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  • Reply Nicole October 27, 2015 at 10:20 am

    I am looking for my youngest daughter here. I thought she would be a clear but the hair colors you have above have me thinking… she looks phenomenal in hot pink. She has her dad’s black hair (it was blonde as a baby!), her dad’s golden beige skin but my blue-grey eyes with yellow flecks. Im pale & cool so fall into cool summer but this girl can tan lol! I was wondering if she sounds more suited for this or the autumn category. Hot pink is her fave, pale pink is iffy. Thanks.

    • Reply Jen Thoden October 29, 2015 at 2:39 pm

      If your daughter looks amazing in hot pink then she is likely not an autumn.

      She has black hair and blue grey eyes? And she looks good in hot pink? She sounds like a cool winter.

      I’d be happy to do a more accurate analysis. Send a headshot and a closeup of her eye and I can tell for sure.

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