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Color Fans and Color Wheels

Your Color Style™ color fan includes all of your cool colors, your warm colors and your cool neutrals for your color type.

There are 4 color fans to choose from:

The range of colors is from lightest to darkest. Each color is labeled with a letter and number that corresponds to the color on the color wheel.

Each hue of this color fan is 2″ x 7″ and printed on 100# silk coated paper. The color bound with white plastic brads. Easy to fit in your purse for shopping!

Click on the links above to learn more about your color fan.

** BONUS **

Included with your color fan is your printed Color Wheel.

This is beautiful!

Your Color Wheel is an amazing tool to help you create unique color combinations. This is printed in full color on a 7″ x 9″ 100# silk coated sheet. There are 2 color wheels. A bright color wheel and a soft color wheel. The appropriate one will ship with your color fan.

Bright Color WheelSoft Color Wheel

** How Does This Work For My Season or Color Type? **

In the Your Color Style™ system, you have a choice of 4 fans. Each fan is for Light, Medium or Deep color types.

Avoid colors marked with A’s and B’s if you are LIGHT

Avoid colors marked with A’s if you are MEDIUM

Avoid colors marked with F’s if you are WARM & DEEP

Where the full range of colors if you are COOL & DEEP

** What Color Fan Do I Order Based On My Season? **

Light Spring = Bright & Warm

Warm SpringBright & Warm

Toned Spring = Soft & Warm

Clear SpringBright & Warm

Warm/Pure AutumnBright & Warm

Deep AutumnBright & Warm

Tinted, Toned or Soft AutumnSoft & Warm

Light Summer = Bright & Cool

Cool Summer or Pure Summer = Bright & Cool

Soft Summer or Toned Summer = Soft & Cool

Shaded Summer = Soft & Cool

Clear Winter = Bright & Cool

Cool Winter or Tinted Winter = Bright & Cool

Light Summer = Bright & Cool

Deep Winter = Bright & Cool

Toned Winter = Soft & Cool

Questions? Reach out to us at support@yourcolorstyle.zendesk.com

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