Seasonal Color Analysis: What Season Is Samantha?
Personal Seasonal Color Analysis

Seasonal Color Analysis: What Season Is Samantha?

When I first looked at Samantha’s photos, my impression of her was that she was a cool color palette. Cool dark hair, cool grey eyes and cool fair skin. I immediately assumed she was a soft summer, but she did have a bit of higher contrast between hair and skin… which could mean she’s a winter.
Here’s how Samantha describes herself…

I was told was a spring and started  wearing coral and yellow etc but actually  I much prefer  blues and greys, ballet pink, sea foam or berry shades. Hair is a medium brown. I do tint it (greys!!) but it’s as near as natural as I can get it. Eyes are a grey green and change depending on what I wear also been told they sometimes look blue.

Soft Summer Grey EyesAnd it’s no wonder she prefers blues and greys. Just look at her eyes! Just in case you didn’t know, you can wear any color found in your eyes. I am very surprised that someone told her she was a spring. I can’t even fathom how they got that from her coloring. Springs are light and bright and you will likely never see a spring with dark hair… unless they colored it.

So, if Samantha was a winter, she wouldn’t be a deep winter. Her eyes are too light. She’s not a clear winter because she has no “Clear” qualities about her. She would be a cool winter because of her cool eyes and overall tone.

So, I tried her in cool winter. Meh. I really don’t think this is right for her. She just looks a little drained.
Seasonal Color Analysis: What Season Is Samantha?

I also put her in deep winter, just to see. She’s not a deep winter, but I can see how some of the “Warmer” colors could look good on her. Overall, though, I think the deep winter’s jewel tones are little too much for her. I’m convinced she is soft.

Seasonal Color Analysis

I love Samantha in soft summer. This mint green I put her in below really brightens her up. The colors of the soft summer color palette complement her soft eyes and overall soft coloring. Darker hair is often dismissed as a winter but soft grey eyes and dark hair CAN be a soft summer. Angelina Jolie is a soft summer too.

Soft Summer Personal Seasonal Color Analysis

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Jen Thoden

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  • Reply Tracey March 31, 2016 at 9:27 am

    Thanks! I’m definitely deep, I suit all of the deep dark spectrum of winter but I can and do add bright red, bright emerald and fuchsia pink for contrast. I’m currently using a bright silvery grey for contrast because I find white doesn’t work so well. I appreciate your help, thanks!

  • Reply Tracey March 30, 2016 at 12:29 pm

    Jen, what do you recommend for those of us that have a deep winter analysis but are quite introverted as personality types? I’m not always in the mood for the loud bright colours in my palette yet the high contrast between my dark eyes and pale skin generally makes me look washed out. I don’t want to always wear bright lipsticks either. I’d appreciate any tips you can share, thanks!

    • Reply Jen Thoden March 30, 2016 at 10:12 pm

      Hi Tracey,

      Deep winter’s look amazing in deep cool tones. Your instincts are correct that wearing too much bright doesn’t feel right. Deep winters should wear mostly deep tones with just a splash of bright to liven up the wardrobe. You can easily wear a darker lipstick, deep red. Your clothes could be as simple as black or dark plum with a pink scarf or blouse. Don’t confuse deep winter with clear or bright winter. Very very different. I hope this helps.


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