Soft, Cool & Medium Color Palette

Soft Summer Color Palette

FROM JEN: This site is in transition to the Your Color Style system. This is a simple color system I designed to make it easy for you to learn what colors look good on you.

If you were looking for the soft summer color palette, then checkout the Soft, Cool and Medium color palette.

Get Your Complete Soft, Cool & Medium Color Palette

Hi, I’m Jen Thoden. Download the complete Soft, Cool & Medium color palette exclusively from my new Your Color Style™ system. This color palette is ideal for people with cool undertones, who can wear soft colors (bright colors overpower them) and have light and medium dark features. Medium eyes, medium hair and/or medium eyebrows.


  • Reply Elisha March 1, 2017 at 4:01 am

    sorry for the early response i’m in Australia

  • Reply Elisha March 1, 2017 at 3:47 am

    so I’ve posted a few comments not sure if they’ve gone through have purple blue veins, predominately green eyes grey or green flower pattern thing and a bit of amber its not golden it looks more orange neutral skin and unsure on hair.

  • Reply Cristina January 11, 2017 at 3:33 pm

    I am so glad that I found your page. When I was 14 I read the Color me Beauty book with the old 4 seasons color palettes. My first impressions was that I was Autumn. Soon I saw that it wasn’t working at all. I knew I was not Winter, because all my family are and I always have feel ugly with those colors. The book give a little hope for me, because I read that a few women with dark hair could be Summer. After studying the book very hard, I decided I was Summer and i have lived happily and feeling OK with those soft and cold colors, although the lighter and cooler didn’t suit me 100%. My hair is dark brown with no higlights, my skin pale beige with a very little pink subtone, no freckles, and my eyes are dark green with a dark grey circle. Contrast medium-high, not high. I look totally like Katie Holmes.
    The point is that, recently some online shops add a fast “color analysis” and I always get the Winter season. So i began again to search about color palettes. Was I wrong so many years ago?
    I am so very happy that finally are so sure that my season is Shaded summer and there are many women like me, and thank you for your accurate description.

  • Reply Hayyah June 4, 2016 at 10:08 am

    Thank you. I would love to see more on the shaded summer. After a long journey, I think this is me.

    18 years ago, I took my first and only trip to a cosmetologist to try and learn how to wear make-up. She gave me a color analysis and called me “spring.” I tried wearing the colors but was made fun of, for them being so bright. And the make-up looked heavy, as always, so I decided make-up wasn’t for me.

    7 years ago I became interested again. This time I did my own research, figured I was a warm spring or soft autumn, and did an online analysis. She said probably soft autumn. Which made sense, why the springs would be too bright. I wore those colors, but later saw pictures of myself, and my clothes looked too dark and made my pale skin look like clay.

    So I revisited the springs. Tried warm spring. Same thing happened as above.

    Revisited again. Figured I must be a light spring. I’m white as can be, pale, ruddy pink, very light blonde hair as a kid that’s now dishwater with some golden highlights. I lived two years as a light spring. Bought everything with it. But many colors seemed just too light and delicate for me. Some gave me compliments, some gave me odd looks. And when I went out of season, I got the most compliments.

    So I researched again. Maybe I was a clear spring? I used to love black, but it doesn’t really fit me. But the more saturated colors brightened my skin more, and I looked healthier. I cleared out my closet, bought yet another set of swatches, and went bright spring.

    After two years, I gave in to the realization that much of the make-up was just too bright for me. I always had to tone it down. And my skin is clear (like no pigment), and my eyes seemed clear enough, but when I took pictures of them to compare with clear spring eyes, mine weren’t so clear.

    They have a dark ring around the iris. Maybe I’m a summer? I checked light summer. The description made sense — more so than any other summer. My skin is light like Cate Blanchett’s, and my eye color is close. I bought more swatches, more clothes and make-up, and felt a bit better. Shocked at how much better the make-up looked — but still a bit light and bright.

    When I see myself, my first impression is light, pink, soft, and clear with medium contrast.

    I found an online color calculator that pulled colors from my eyes and skin. They were cool. But darker and richer than light summer. Warmer than cool summer, clearer and deeper than soft summer.

    And finally, I found the shaded summer. A new season! But all the hair colors are dark. Well, except Kristen Bell’s. I read she’s a shaded summer.

    I pulled out childhood pics to compare. My contrast and coloring are similar to hers. Compared to light summers, I could now see how my features are darker than theirs — especially the eyebrows (mine have always been darker than my hair, and clearly defined on my face). I realized my hair was a deep blonde, not just light. A very rich, somewhat bright, absolutely neutral blonde (the hairstylist said its neither ash nor golden, but has natural highlights of each).

    I laid the colors over my childhood pics. They made me look alive! (I have been described as “a walking corpse” — my coloring has been a lifelong liability.). The few times people said a color looked great on me, in 36 years, I was wearing one of these colors.

    I think I’m a shaded summer, and would love all the info I can get.

    Thank you!

    • Reply Jen Thoden June 4, 2016 at 10:38 am

      I am so very glad that the site has helped you find your colors! If you’re still struggling with it, sign up for a color analysis. Then you’ll know for sure.

      The new 4×4 color system with all 16 colors is new on the site. So, you’ll see shaded summer build up now. You will LOVE the style club and should take advantage of it. It has a ton of info on how to wear your colors plus your shaded summer color wheel and new style guides and courses each month.
      Go here to sign up:

      I’m very glad you’re here!


  • Reply Jan Duncan April 14, 2016 at 12:59 am

    Thank you, I think I’m a soft summrr

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