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What Color Type Am I Based On Seasonal Color Analysis?

As I transition to my new color system, Your Color Style™… I want to make sure I don’t leave behind those of you that have been analyzed as a season. Although, it’s not a perfect fit, I’ve listed below what color type you will LIKELY be in the Your Color Style™ system based on your current season. I hope this helps.

You are BRIGHT and WARM if your season is:

  • Light Spring (aka Tinted)
  • Clear Spring (aka Pure)
  • Warm Spring (aka Shaded)
  • Warm Autumn (aka Pure)
  • Deep Autumn (aka Shaded)

You are BRIGHT and COOL if your season is:

  • Light Summer (aka Tinted)
  • Cool Summer (aka Pure)
  • Clear Winter (aka Pure)
  • Cool Winter (aka Tinted)
  • Deep Winter (aka Shaded)

You are SOFT and WARM if your season is:

  • Soft Autumn (aka Tinted or Toned)
  • Soft Spring (aka Toned)

You are SOFT and COOL if your season is:

  • Soft Summer (aka Toned or Shaded)
  • Soft Winter (aka Toned)

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What color type are you? Enter you answer in the comments below and share!

Jen Thoden

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  • Reply HEATHER M HOLLEOUE April 3, 2017 at 2:52 pm

    Hi, I have been typed twice as a warm autumn, however I am a little confused looking at the palettes as it seems the warm and bright really mixes spring and autumn and some of those I know are too bright for me. Much of soft is too soft but I also see many colors that work well for autumn. I ordered a bright and warm palette but wondering now if neither palette really works for me?

    • Reply Jen Thoden April 5, 2017 at 11:42 pm

      Yes, you want the Bright and Warm color fan.

      Hi Heather

      The Bright & Warm color fan is perfect for you.

      The reason that it’s not obvious this goes with “Autumn” is because an Autumn palette tends to include colors that have black added. They are deeper. And they have less lighter colors. So, it appears that the autumn color palettes are slightly muted, but not completely muted. Black softens a color a tiny bit but not like grey does.

      So, when you receive your color fan, you will favor the A’s through the E’s. Deep to bright.


  • Reply Hilary January 3, 2017 at 7:43 pm

    Hi Jen you diagnosed me as a Toned Autumn so I have been looking at the warm side of the soft colour wheel & the universal colours on the cool side. You also noticed Cool elements in my eye colour so would that be in the universal colours on the cool side? I’m drinking in all this fab information Jen & loving it!!

    Thanks & a Happy New Year to you too!


  • Reply Ros-Mari Martínez January 1, 2017 at 11:48 am

    In your previous work and analysis with me, ebooks and fans included – I was categorized as Soft Summer Light. What am I supposed to be now??? Feeling a bit down , honestly. Thanks.

    • Reply Jen Thoden January 1, 2017 at 12:24 pm

      Happy New Year Ros-Mari!

      You are soft, so you will be wearing colors from the soft color wheel.
      You are cool, so you will be wearing colors on the right side of the color wheel plus the universal colors on the left.
      You are light to medium, so you will remove the outer most ring of the color wheel, as these will be too dark for you.

      You are Soft and Cool.
      Soft, Cool, Medium.

      Are you still a style club member? If so, select your color type as Soft and Cool and you’ll get your colors, your color wheel, videos on how to use it. I can also do an analysis for you in the new system so that you can see your face in those colors.

      All is not lost. Your seasonal analysis is good and you should use your fan and enjoy. I’m still here to support you.

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